Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Lack of Butter Here

The unthinkable happened today.

I ran out of butter.

I found a recipe for brownies. The kind where you add flour to cocoa powder and mix it with all kinds of other things and magically, they're brownies. It called for a cup of butter. How much did I have?

6 tablespoons.

6 tablespoons < 16 tablespoons.

There was some swearing going on, I will admit. Alex laughed a lot. Then he laughed on the floor. Seriously. All the while saying "such irony! no butter!" and other such things about how much I like to cook with butter. He challenged me by asking what I make that doesn't contain butter. The only thing I could come up with was pasta. And thinking about it, whenever a recipe doesn't call for butter I get really excited and feel like I have to tell him about it. It's like rubbing it in his face. "I made cookies and they taste delicious and there's NO BUTTER IN THEM! Ha!" That's what goes on in my head when I calmly tell him that there is no butter in whatever he's eating.

So, I made a decision. No brownies or brownies. We all know how that decision ended.

I improvised. I found a new recipe for brownies without butter. Google is great. Seriously. I typed in "brownie recipe, no butter" and up popped a bunch of recipes. Some were just less butter but the one I picked was no butter at all. It's oil based instead, probably for those who are dairy free. The comment were saying that they were tasty with melted butter instead of the oil, so of course I used the butter I had left plus a little oil to make up the difference. I'm not sure how they're going to come out cause they're still in the oven. I'm hoping they're delicious and I don't have to add these to the unfortunate list of things that I have failed at cooking.

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