Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Swimmy the Fish (Fish Cookies)

I used my fishy cookie cutter last week. Before heading to Indian River for the weekend, Terry and I decided to go fly fishing. The only fishing I had ever done before was bullheads many, many years ago when my Grandma had the house on the canal. Dad and I would go out at night when it was dark and fish for bullheads. The next morning, we’d go out on the deck and clean them.

I thought I would surprise Terry with a box of little fish cookies for our day on the river. I made my standard sugar cookie recipe but before refrigerating the dough, I dyed 2/3 of it an orangish color to look more like Goldfish crackers and added cooca powder to the other 1/3 to make them chocolatey. The one batch of sugar cookie dough made 261 little fish. It was taking me longer to roll out the dough and cut out the cookies then it took to bake them.

Needless to say, a few of them got a little crispier then I had hoped. Dad referred to them as “fake chocolate fish.” They were still good. Anyways, with the addition of the cocoa powder, the chocolate fish were still soft after a few days while the other ones dried out. I’m not sure why. It was crazy humid the day I made them so I was covering them in flour like mad.

The cookies were a hit. It’s easy to eat way too many of them because they’re so tiny. Even so, there is still at least one box of them left. I need to start bringing them in to work so I can have them with lunch. If I leave them open on the table, maybe Alex will eat more of them.

I caught a fish!

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