Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 12: Sugar Cookies

Alright. I'm going to admit it. I'm cheating a little bit this week.

This recipe isn't really a new recipe, or something that I made completely.

They were beautifully packaged into this lovely jar by my friend Kelli's sister and mom. For Kelli's bridal shower, I won this lovely jar of sugar cookie mix. The colors were made by mixing the sugar with food coloring and shaking it all up 

I was sitting on the front porch reading when I got home and all of a sudden, the urge to bake wiggled itself into my brain. But, it's 80 out...in March. That means the oven needs to stay off more than on. So these quick sugar cookies were the answer.

I mixed them up, just adding butter (mmm), vanilla and an egg. The only problem I found with them was that the sugar got a little hard from the moisture in the food coloring. I had to break it up with a spoon to get it all into my bowl. Then I mixed. And mixed. And mixed. Bits of stuff were flying around the kitchen. It's not a very wet dough. 

It's kind of a weird green color, if you can't tell. By weird, I mean kind of gross. Ick. It still tasted good too. I'm one of those people who eats raw cookie dough. If I get E. Coli, I will die a happy person with cookie dough in my tummy. I'm a rebel, living on the edge.

*Don't eat raw cookie dough. It might contain E. Coli.*

I bake them. And they were much prettier. A very pale blue-green color with spots of color in it where some sugar didn't fully get mixed in. So pretty.

Look at the clean floor too.

No recipe this week since it wasn't a recipe like I usually make. For jar cookies, just type it into Google and you'll find all kinds of recipes. Jazz up your jar with ribbon, lace, pretty cutouts or something else fancy. Tie on a nice label with the directions and you're all set with a nice gift for someone special.

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