Monday, February 20, 2012

What I Have Learned...

Since moving back to Ann Arbor a few weeks ago, I have done countless new things. I will count them anyways and distract you from the lack of food posts lately. They are photographed....but I haven't written about them. Call me lazy, call me sick (that's the truth) and then skip to the new things I've done.

1. I ate at Taco Bell. It was against my will and my better judgement, but I tried two bites of something called a chalupa. Google says that it means "boat." Regardless, I ate it and was then chauffeured to my house. Spend 10 minutes walking in the cold or take an adventure to Taco Bell with friends in a warm car...warm car and Taco Bell it is.

2. I put honey in tea. Woah. I didn't like honey a few days ago, but now I'm halfway through my honeybear that I've had for over a year. I even ordered hot tea with honey at a bar. The waiter gave me a pretty perplexed look on that one. I swear it's because I have a terrible sore throat/cough combination going on right now. I'm pretty miserable, but the doctor says that I've already hit the worst part and I'm getting better now. Except for my weight, which she doesn't like.

3. I used a lighter for the first time. New roommate only had a lighter in which to light a candle and not the long, clicky thing you use to light a grill. I'm good with those, but I never got the whole flick thing down with a regular lighter. My first tries were done with two hands. I've practiced and now I can do it with one hand...and my room doesn't smell musty smells like Ikea vanilla candle.

4. I made a hard boiled egg. I'd never made one before. I love them and their eggy goodness, but I tend to eat them in a salad at my parents house where my Mom makes them for me. :) On Saturday, I wanted a hard boiled egg in the worst way. It was the sickness, I swear. It was paired with a grilled cheese sandwich which (heehee) doesn't match AT ALL. The HORROR! I am a child of matching foods that don't touch. Anyways, back to the egg. My friend Whitnie was visiting from Minnesooota and advised me in the making of the egg. However, since she is unable to consume egg because of her allergies, we had a little egg mishap. Two minutes in boiling water does not make a hard boiled egg. It makes a very slightly hard boiled egg that requires you to sneak into the fridge and steal one of your roommates eggs (I bought more today to make up for it, I swear (and tea)) and try again...with the help of Google. That was a darn good hard boiled egg.

5. I'm going to own a wedding dress soon, but let's not talk about that. Know anyone getting married that needs a dress? I have one that wants to be sold! :) Seriously though. Serious face time. 

6. Popsicles are a valid breakfast when you're sick. I didn't learn that. It's just a fact.

I promise to post recipes and pictures soon. Little Brother is coming over this week for dinner (D'awww, cute) and I'm trying out a new chicken and wild rice soup in the crockpot. Nom nom nom.

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