Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Things

1. I'm almost moved into my house. I've only got a few kitchen things, my bed and desk, and some clothes, then it's adios Ann Arbor and hello Brighton.

2. I start my new job tomorrow. I think I'm going to be sitting at a computer and doing program tutorials for a few days. That's better than sitting at home and doing nothing.

3. I read 32 books from the end of school until today. Not my typical 50, but yay! I just finished the 50 from last year. Now it's on to the next 50 books. I just finished the first one. Lamb by Christopher Moore.

4. None of this has anything to do with baking, but it will soon. Once I'm all moved in I'll be able to cook and such.

5. I had pad thai from No Thai for the first time. My friend Bernard was visiting this weekend to celebrate our friend's wedding. He got the last stamp on a No Thai card and then gave the card to me. Free dinner! Yay! It was pretty good. Next time I think I'll branch out a bit and get something more than just rice noodles with peanuts and sprouts.

6. I need to bake. Badly. It's an itch.

7. I'm moving in on Saturday/Sunday. Baking will resume at that point.

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