Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me! (Belated Cupcakes)

I'm going to warn you now, there isn't a recipe attached to this post. Just some pictures of yummy cupcakes.

I used to work at an architecture firm with a guy named Terry...he grew up on a farm. We got along really well and have stayed in touch since I left to go on to bigger and better places last winter. This means that they didn't have anything for me to do so I was out of a job. Anyways, Terry likes to fish. There are lots of stories about Terry fishing, but none of them are as important as some of the most recent. Lately, Terry has been having problems fishing. He doesn't catch anything. He blamed it on the fact that I was bad voodooing him into no fish. This being because he hadn't gotten me my birthday cupcake. About a month before my birthday he had seen an article about a giant cupcake in the newspaper. He sent me an email about it with "hint hint" on the bottom. I sent one back, "My birthday is on the 15th." And that is how, on Monday night, I ended up with these two boxes on my kitchen table.

What was in those boxes? Cupcakes! Two of them. One in each box. A chocolate one with chocolate frosting and a vanilla one with white frosting.

I'm almost done eating them. I still have half of a chocolate one on my desk in studio. I'll save it for a rainy day. I told Terry how delicious they were and he said I get another one next time he's off fishing in Grand Rapids. How exciting!

I took a lot of pictures of food during Thanksgiving, but most of them are on my dad's camera. I won't have access to it until Christmas so hang in there and there will be more pictures coming.

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