Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can the House Smell Like This All the Time? (Fried Apples)

I've been really lazy this week when it comes to cooking. I was either too busy doing studio work to cook or too busy catching up on other stuff to do any cooking. Tonight I had a couple of tiny leftover twice baked potatoes and some fried apples. My roommate thinks I should make them constantly so the house smells yummy all the time.

Fried apples entered my life a few weeks ago when I was visiting home. It was just my parents and I for dinner and Mom made pork chops, mac and cheese and fried apples. Today was my first try and I have to say they were quite tasty. They're comparable to the insides of an apple pie I think.

What I did was peel and slice an apple. For one apple, use less than a half a tablespoon of butter. Let that melt in a pan/skillet and then put your apples in. Make sure the heat is about medium, you don't want the apples to burn. Once they're kinda brownish and soft, throw in some sugar and cinnamon. Mix everything around for a minute or two and then they're done! If you put in the sugar too early, it'll begin to caramelize or burn. A tasty snack, dessert, topping for ice cream...whatever you'd like. Again, I'll post pictures when I make them again. I keep eating my food then blogging about them.

Also, I promise that I'm going to stop with the apples now. No more apple recipes. Tomorrow I'm making a casserole, so that'll be an adventure. Time to break in my 9x13 pan!

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